Happy with hive 4

This last weekend I inspected Hive #4.  Hive #4 was created on June 5th, where I took 2 frames from hive 2….IMG_5407

and placed them in a Nuc box, with a frame of honey, a frame with pollen and a frame of drawn comb.


I left this Nuc alone until June 19th, where during a quick inspection I found an open queen cell, no eggs, didn’t spot the queen, but the bees seemed calm. Calm, quiet bees are a sign of a queen right hive, therefore, I closed up the hive and decided I would check again at a later date.

It wasn’t until the end of July that I found  the queen, she was busy working on the frame below.

Hive 3 Frame of bees

In this next picture you can find her in the middle. She has a long black abdomen, short wings and a black thorax and what a beautiful queen she is.

Hive 3 Queen

Again, after seeing that the hive was calm and busy, I closed them back up to let them be.

During my recent inspection, I found many frames with a very nice laying pattern.


I am very pleased with this hive. If they keep building like they have been, they will be ready for winter when it arrives.

~ May all your wandering take you to many wonderful places.