Just a quick note

Checked on my bees this weekend and all 4 hives are still doing well.  I was concerned with hive #4 (back, right hive), since the previous week they started spilling out when I had placed my stethoscope against each deep/super to see where they were. It was ~30 degrees F and as they came out, the ones already out were trying to get back in.  There weren’t a lot of bees, just a silver dollar size.


It got me thinking, normally unhappy bees can indicate a problem.  Perhaps the queen was no longer alive or perhaps they were starving?

So this weekend, I returned to my apiary.  It was in the 20s and there wasn’t much I could do.  I pressed my ear on the top box and only heard a faint hum.  I moved down to the next box and was happy to find, that, that is where the colony resided. There was a nice calm hum, no angry bee sound.

I am thrilled that my bees have made it to February… now to make it to March.

~ May all your wandering take you to many wonderful places.


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