How do you store used frames?

As a 3rd year beekeeper, there are things that I just don’t have a lot of experience with, for instance, knowing what the best ways to store used frames are.

Therefore, I could use some advice on how to store frames of drawn comb, partial capped nectar, capped honey, etc.



  • Empty drawn comb:
    • Is it ok to just leave the drawn comb in clear Rubbermaid bins?
    • Should I tape them closed so there is no way for moths, wasps and the like to get in?
  • Frames of dead brood, from winter dead outs:
    • Should I just scrape that out, all the way down to the plastic frame and then melt down to save the wax?
    • If I leave it in will it rot and stink?
  • Frames of open nectar/honey (Most of these frames include sugar water and also made with candy board, where I had added some mint extract and other essential oils. I can actually taste the mint in them.)
    • Should I just leave these out for the bees to rob?
    • If I let them rob them out, will the bees just tear up the comb?
    • Should I instead rinse them out with the hose or use my extractor and then feed back to the bees? Then I could put the empty comb out to be cleanup.
    • If they ferment do I have to extract or rinse out with a hose?
  • Frames of capped honey (which has the same issue as the open frames)
    • Last year I sandwiched these frames between 2 tops and some I placed into black plastic bags and sealed them in. This worked and I had no issues, but it would be easier to just pop them into a Rubbermaid bin. Will this work ok?

Any feedback that you could provide me is greatly appreciated, and perhaps there are others that would also benefit.

~May all your wandering take you to many wonderful places.