Bees for sale

Looking for honey bees in Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin?

Here are places, that I know of, which are within 60 miles of Beloit WI. I chose Beloit since it sits nicely on the border of IL and WI.

My honey bee farm is within 7 miles of Beloit WI.  I am currently not advertising the sale of bees, since I am not sure how many I will have in the spring to sell.  I plan to ramp up in the next few years to sell about a dozen Nucs each spring.  If you are interested in purchasing a Nuc, send me an email and when spring arrives, and I know how many Nucs are available, I can contact you to see if you are still interested.

This is NOT an endorsement for any of the businesses listed below… just a list.  If you know of others please comment on this post, with their URL, and I will add it to the list.

Clinton, Wisconsin  (10 miles)

  • Beez4life: offering packages, Nucs and complete overwintered hives with bees. Offers holistic and chemical free bees at a premium price.

Hampshire, IL (50 miles)

Big Bend, WI (55 miles)

  • Hemken Honey Co: offering packages. (Currently reported that he will not be getting bee packages this year.  His supplier in California is experiences bee loses and will not be able to provide him with bees.)

Sullivan, WI (50 miles)


Beyond 60:

Fond du Lac, WI (120 miles)

Appleton, WI (150 miles)

Appleton, WI (150 miles)

Stevens Point, WI (150 miles)

Algoma, WI (200 miles)

Fairmount, IL (230 miles)

Marengo, WI (330 miles)

  • Charlie and Patti’s Bees : offering Nucs
    • Charlie and Patti are beekeepers, in Zone 3 of Wisconsin, 15 miles south of Lake Superior. They are raising bees that can overwinter in Zone 3 and which are chemical free.  Visit their Facebook page for more information.

~May all your wandering take you to many wonderful places.

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6 thoughts on “Bees for sale

  1. Minooka, IL
    Meyer Bees – located about 30 miles south west of Chicago. Offering packages, nucs and locally raised survivor stock queens. Mann Lake authorized dealer with a complete line of beekeeping supplies – woodenware, tools, suits, feed items, treatments, bottling supplies, etc. Showroom onsite for browsing / purchasing products.


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